Monday, January 1, 2018

[ BLOG CHALLENGE ] DAY 5 : Your Proudest Moment

Annyeong! Today i just wanna continue to write again Blog Challenge. Has been make i to stop because i not really want. Not die :p Just write this when need more. Okay okayyy.. its bogus. Tell me again that i do too good T^T


No, i have many much all moment i want to do and see it. But i think you guys not too respect my post now. Its been to showing what i want and i already too seeing they. Its okay, i take this alone. By the Daniel and Jihoon in my side *eaaaa

Firstly. I want "Di Notice Bias" by everyone Bias i likey

Second. I want to meet Kang Daniel in Korea and he leave her "Signature" for me ><

Third. I meet BTS with they new trained by the Manager

Forth. I want to Have many money to buying the Album 

Fifth. I want to meet Shin Sia with my two eyes alone

Sixth. Meet the Idol are i love

Here, i write not all i need. Because if needest too much he can make you hopeless too hurt. So i just write the "Korean World" not my Reality Moments here. I think you can see the differentiate of my proudest moment. No, say "I got it" and go home :p 

By my Reality.. TvT

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