Saturday, May 12, 2018

6 Fun Fact About Me [ The Author ]

Guten Morgen! In this Sunny days i'll give y'all a some Fun Fact about me. Maybe i ever wrote i would lose that but the Freak fact i would'nt lose that hahaha. sorry if my grammar is so bad guys, i just still the baby for now so please act like you look me as cute baby kkkkk. ok it's sound bad if i spending my time on this paragraf. well i won't, so let's go!~

  • Like to write so much!
Unfortunately, i wan't to give that pics when i had so much time to write like #relasiparadigma and others. However, i did'nt have any working to do when i write it so it's going so bored.

  • Like to sleep too late~
When i like to watched movie in night until 1 a.m my dad even angry with me. Is it because after i had a pray Shubuh i'll sleep again and then it'll be so late to go to school :"v

  • Like to eat so much but not everything food i like
I have so many list a food what i doesn't like. It's not about why i don't like them but it's only b'coz i don't have any feelings to trying them so i hate them sooooooo much!. lmao :v

  • Like to having a Friends that more older than herself 
I have so many friends that they're more older than myself. In first time, maybe i'll act like i know what was they know in their age. Lol sorry :v But the fact, be best friend with who that more old than your age is so kind! I could using a perfect grammar for that, usually the parents of my friends so speechless when they saw me and say "Wohooo, look at urself baby,! You grow up more fasting, i think because you spend your time in your home right? Am i right? >.<" Hey y'all, the means they're im more chubby and more more moreeee!~ lol wkw

  • Like to Spend alot of her time to playing a handphone/computer
When i had a sore eyes and then i'll ask my family why my eyes is so sick, my family have  to say "Because you spending your time too much in front of your Gadget" and when i had a headache too i'll asked my mom where i can have the medicine. But my mom said "JUST STOP PLAYING A HANDPHONE NOW! I DON'T HAVE ANY MENDICINE YET, I'LL GIVE YOU A HONEY." You guys must know i have a mom so kind but if she already angry, everything wil be end :") /lmao

  • Feel's bad when she thinking about the age herself
Yeah, maybe usually i'm so hopeless when i see an Community or any Workshop is have a requirement that must be going 15 or maybe 17/ 18. Arghhhh, how about me in 13?  I think just learning, learning and learning. it will be so long tim to me by going 15 years old :") Poor me :((((

I've Done this post! Alhamdulillah, see you next time guys~
Have a Nice Day  ❤

12 Commentator(s):

  1. Kali-kali pake bahasa inggris boleh yaa, berhubung pos ini bahasa inggris juga :v .i really really like write too! but i bored easily when i try to finish my story. But i don't like to eat ( i don't know why). I like play notebook too :v (my mother will angry if i play gadget for long time). Balik ke bhs.indo===> oh iya Tasya kelas 8 ya?

    1. It's so similar with me, i have no idea to finished them until finish :v.
      yeah i know some people doesn't like to eat, but i must eat when im boring or stress *anjir wkw
      no i'm in 7 grade right now, Young Forevah :))

  2.'s nice to know a lot about you my sweetie...🌼

  3. Sama la kita :) suka ada kawan yang yang lagi tua hehehh

    1. Benar tu, macam bisa lebih bijak lagi taw haha

  4. Wkwkwk, setuju dah. Emang enak kalau punya temen lebih tua lagi bijak :)

    Btw, mungkin sakitnya emang karena kebanyakan lihat monitor :3 Kyak kakak nih, dicek tau-tau mata silindris :"v

    1. tapi ku ada minus but gapernah mau pke kacamata hwhw, kalo silinder ku tak tahu dah :")

  5. wiih, sama kalo aku memang biasa bobo malem. Tadi malem aja tidurnya jam 1. Terus pas sholat subuh ibu tanya,
    "Aisha tadi tidur jam berapa?"
    Aisha: "Jam 1"
    Ibu: "Ooh.."
    Ibuku tidak peduli :P

    1. Kalo aku pasti bakal diginiin "pantesan pagi pagi nanti ngantuk lha wong tidur malem banget"

      Dan for sometimes i'll reply "entah gak liat jam :v"

  6. btw, jangan cepet tua, Tasya~ forever young dong.. wkwkwk...
    tapi iya juga sih, komunitas, workshop dsb ada syarat usianya, padahal kita suka ngerasa udah mampu, harusnya boleh-boleh aja ya.. :D (pengennya gitu)

    1. bukannya sama aja yah wkwkwk, iyani suka sebel sendiri kalo mau ikut acara gitu ada syarat usia dan me ndak bole masuk huaaaaaaaaa ;-(


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