Monday, January 8, 2018

[ BLOG CHALLENGE ] DAY 8 : My Current Goals

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Yolo yolo! Lets starting with regards and prayer and then lets seeing my Current Goals in this Blog Challenge. Suddening we'll have many times even before open the Komputer. So, now.. Heck then, his adolescent can showing and seeing this in good sight. Everybody can Judge me but not to judge manymore which i like. so lets lid your mouth and disclose your eyes.


A bit dissapointing i do this not in 2017 but Obligation to still write out this until finish. Its okay, then i will search this stuff in my brain for quest and seek my Current Goals in this year. No i dont have many time if i scribe this paragraf overmuch. Then, i will showed you my character which i want to dectract and eliminating a few worries.

1. Spendthrift (Boros)
Yeah, heretofore i still distres if i can,seek it. Even just one time and also do it again. No, dont let that happen. Here i go, maybe u have Idea wether Suggestion for my Character this one.

2.Arrogant (---:v)
Yaps! You got it, myself sometimes showing it. If you insensitive with this a must do what? I do it not with my desire. (facepalm)

3.Motionless (Males gerak)
I think i have it because Homeschool. Nope, anchient time. Since i Elementary School. His induce i too Weight. Took a time in empty time with run, but not finish-

4.Unconsisten (Tidak konsisten)
Yoo- Its showed many ever time. I do it manytimes in my day activiting. But, alhamdulillah.. Allah show me if we keep fight and struggle, this victory can come by itself alone.

5. Can't Waited (Tidak sabaran)
Has been i many do if i curious. So, dont make me do this for anytime because i dont like is. Live with Character "Really want know this". Because that i dont ever join Games/Riddles wether enigma.

Not all i write in this page is Alright, I just took few characteristic in myself. But i dont know if hes talk his true story. I think finish for this time, keep healthy to still read my Blog Challenge that so quaint i think. (crapface)

Thank youu..

All my paragraf in here has i write alone by my brain. I just wanna test which long my english in used. :P


3 Commentator(s):

  1. CBOXnya ga bisa muncul entah kenapa T_T
    Yawdah, jawab di sini aja :v

    Aku ga ganti style, cuma pengen nyoba kalau digituin bagus atau engga gitu hehe

  2. Duh makasih XD Blog kamu juga bagus kok, simple gitu

  3. Duh makasih yang blog cantik bangett.. Terharu heuheuu ;-(


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