Thursday, July 25, 2019

Kinda Reminder Threads

hi, it's been a long time since i submit the last entry. not sure tho everyone could realized that i changed my url. nevermind lol, i gotta make a new entry in order it could inspire anyone by reading this because idk i just want to post somethin running around inside my mind.

at least we're live now for making progress, everyone is fighting a battle we really fuckin don't know about, so cut your stereotype off and stop judging around. like, hey sist it's 2019 and no one match your standards and no one trying to be. are you sure you'll live forcing people inside your elect?

many people just can't get a deal with themselves which they hate themself so much for the bad luck, mistakes and failure they had pass. hey, it's ok to not be ok sometimes, respect yourself for what yours had passed this far, hug all things what makes you stressed. hey those would be the reason why are you out there nowhere high.

and these are my personal motivation for myself, maybe it could inspire you or just fyi.

"you receive what you spread, you got what you has done"

"please don't blame God for your mistakes and failure bitch it is your rights to pray and to ask rather you tried those hard but you got no grateful for what you have."

lol cringe, thanks

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