Saturday, September 1, 2018

About Roleplayer

Yap! So after doing these messy days i'll write something about Roleplayer and around that thing. Obviously, i'm an ex-roleplayer and it's clear i know all about that, between real and fake love with the fake world. 99.9% people fail in this games. Like in the firstly we claim "i won't use real feels" but at last we failed. Stop it now if you feels like "whatever, it's simply". NO! It's not simply to just ended the games, but depends on you, this games may ultimately becoming unstopabble.

I playing this games (actually i forgot when) but it just 1 years ago, i learn by myself, and i never tell anyones abt this games. My friends too they're doesn't know abt it anymore.

This games, i was amazed in the first i play it, actually it's working for making a network or find the new friends from others island, city or just school. But deficiency, i saw so many bad and harsh word. everytime and all people use that everywhere.

There's we just use the Artist Profile for the Identity (like parody). Usually i using Kim Doyeon Weki Meki or Kang Mina Gugudan for my Identity. However we cannot showing our real names, our ages, our religion, etc. Maybe sometimes some people say that but it's okay, it's not a warning to you. You still can use your real name for your nickname.

Roleplaying teach me, if felling in love is possible in this game whatever u didn't know his name or his age or his real profile. you can getting felling love just by his typing.

Don't suddenly send your real bio to everyone, bcs that world is too dangerous for us to show it to public our real identity. And there's so many kind of Roleplay like School,Couple,Hospital and 17+ until Yaoi etc. anyways it's not good for our generation even though there's so many kid already play it.

If you think it's similar like the games usually u play, no. it's wrong!
If you think when you play it and already enjoy this game, you will getting easy to ended this game, no. it's wrong but back to the case, it's depends on you. but for me not.

This is Games. Fake world but we using a real feelings. It's can hurting you so much. But this can makes you feels happy for a day. This games can make your mood uncontrollable, sometimes you happy sometimes you boring af. Sometimes you can dripping ur tears for a day and sometimes you can suddenly delete you account.

But from that games, i found a friends, who always support all things that i doing. A friends, who always share our experience about roleplay together. Like we have a couple and our boy couples were best friend. just smtng like that :)

Anyways, for the beginner or the one who feels curious abt this game,
take care for yourself. it's not that bad, but it's completely control your mood and definetely your gesture, like harsh and bad typing, or you feels okay about yaoi although we cannot accept it anymore.

so, i think just this post for today^^

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